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Welcome to Recovery Partners Video Resources, a hub of inspiration and guidance for individuals navigating the path of recovery.

Here, we curate a collection of empowering videos that share stories of triumph, offer valuable insights, and provide practical tools for your journey toward lasting recovery. Explore these resources, connect with shared experiences, and find encouragement as you embark on the transformative road to wellness.

We Are WorthWhile, Stories of Recovery in Vermont

Stories of Hope. Recovery from substance use disorder (SUD) is in reach. Your story is worth telling. And you are not alone. Visit WorthWhile’s website and get the help that can change your life.

Understanding Alcohol Use in Older Adulthood

VT Department of Substance Use subject matter expert, Charlie Gurney, shares how alcohol use changes as adults age. Contains advice to manage risk and where to find more information.

The Hungry Heart Movie

Writers for Recovery

Generation Addicted: An NBC10 Digital Exclusive

NBC10’s Digital Team spent five months investigating the issue of opioid addiction in the Philadelphia region and beyond. They discovered a generation of addicted people and a public health and law enforcement system ill-equipped to save them.

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